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study medicine in Cluj Napoca

Have you decided to follow the medicine university in Cluj Napoca?


Congratulation! And by choosing us, you made the correct decision!

Spare just a few seconds with us and you will understant why.

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 "Iuliu Hateganu" University is one of the best medical university in Eastern Europe, which ensures a quality preparation for future doctors and pharmacologists, through a system of medical education focused on the student.

The University has more than 2000 foreign students from 50 countries. From the 1300 employees, more than 60% are teachers, that ensure theoretic  and practical training, at European standards.  The students have access to more than 10 research centers and to the Library, witch has more than 300.000 volumes. Few most important reasons to come:

- tuiton fees extremelly cheap compared to other countries;

- the University is highly appreciated throughout Europe and overseas;

- low costs of living;

- best city to study in Romania, very safe and friendly environment.

study medicine in Cluj Napoca
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